A Quick Word on Pot Legalization

Unlike gay marriage, decriminalization of marijuana should be a no-brainer for all conservatives, not just libertarians. National Review (http://bit.ly/1dK1IwJ)┬áhas this exactly right and it is beyond disheartening to see so many in the comments adopting the curmudgeonly “these rascally kids…” attitude about this. You can have all the moral objections to pot you want, there is simply no moral or conservative reason to champion widespread incarceration at public expense of non-violent pot offenders.

The idea is supposed to be to grow our tent. Contrary to the popular slander by leftists and some conservatives that we are “conservatives who smoke pot” or are hedonists focused only on drug legalization, libertarians are far more passionate about economics, individual rights and thwarting the state. Pot is just such an obvious place to start because it is such a prime example of unintended consequences. Libertarians are again ready to unite with all conservative tribes and factions, just as happened during the Cold War. Communism died but communism/socialism/collectivism is still very much with us (and is even ascendant in places like Brussels and Gracie Mansion) and the wild and woolly coalition of the freedom-inclined must galvanize in order to defeat progressivism.

Judging by cultural trends and direction of the wind, there just isn’t much point in our having this intramural fight on THIS issue. The rest of the social issues deserve their own special arena for discussion due to their complexity and legitimate opinions on both sides. I’m OK with gay marriage but resent the fascists among the gay PC enforcers but am also staunchly pro-life. These positions are controversial within libertarianism, let alone conservatism. But we know that and we enjoy the fight.

The drug war? I won’t say there are no legitimate arguments in defense of it, but their impact is becoming increasingly small.