Reality Check: The Myth of the Tiny Radical Muslim Minority

I’m still amazed that so many progressives opt for continued delusion and willful blindness in taking the side of Team Affleck/Kristof over Team Maher/Harris. Reza Aslan is an embarrassment because he couches lame and unoriginal PC defenses of multiculturalism in measured and soothing tones, thus giving his weak argument an air of sophistication. I think Harris has the more informed and frankly better argument, while knee-jerk defenders of the “who are we to judge” status quo of moral relativism can only chirp from the sidelines about not leaning on “generalizations.”

Shapiro has run the numbers and come up with 680 million radical Muslims worldwide, based on comprehensive Pew poll results conducted over the last decade or so. When your average Muslim country carries at minimum majorities in the 60 and 70 percent ranges who favor either Sharia law or violent repercussions for apostates or women adulterers, the one thing you can’t do is ever suggest that assertions made regarding radical Islam are based on “generalizations.”

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